Grange Lecture Society : New season

Last Tuesday (7/11/23) a few of the guests and members were surprised to see the change of speakers but word had got round through our email that we had changed speakers.
Many thanks to Helen Clark for agreeing to swap her excellent talk on the activities of Bay Search and Rescue due on the 7th of November with Professor Alan Rice who was due to speak on 24th of October but caught Covid and could not attend when advertised.
And so on the 7th, Professor Alan Rice gave his talk on Lancaster’s Black History to an audience of over 100 people.
Alan’s talk described the various points of interest around the City with origins in Lancaster’s overseas connections when the city was the fourth largest slave port in the UK involved in the deadly triangle trade with the West Indies and the west African coast. Many of the big names in Lancaster’s industries such as Gillow’s furniture and ‘Lil’ Jimmy Williamson’s Linoleum, developed from these far-off locations. It was also fascinating to note just how many of Lancaster’s business men profiting from this trade were Quakers, who had preferred to keep the money rolling in rather than obey their church’s call to forbid profiting from slavery. Something many in the audience had not expected to hear. Alan showed pictures of Sambo’s grave at Sunderland Point near the village of Overton where villagers have cared for the tragic slave boy’s grave since 1736. Few people taken from their homes and forced into slavery were afforded the privilege of a known resting place. Alan’s extensive knowledge from years of research made for an excellent lecture and many people will look to do the tour of Lancaster, either being guided by Alan, or on their own with the leaflets provided.
By the time of publication of Grange Now we shall also have had Paula Cornwell give her talk entitled ‘Mind your Motor Manners’ an illustrated talk on the development of motoring etiquette. This will be on Tuesday 21st of November. On December the 5th, Sue Ashworth will give her talk ‘She Wears it Well… a gallop through 150 years of costume and style.’ We then take a break through Christmas and New Year before returning on the 9th of January with sports commentator Peter Slater’s talk: ‘Don’t You Know Who I am: 45 years being ignored by sport’s rich and famous.’
It’s great to see more guests and more members – please keep us supported. Sometimes, you may think, the talk is perhaps not for you, but is surprisingly entertaining. It is good to learn new things! As ever we could do with one or two of you coming forward to usher guests on the evening and enable us to continue to use the balcony area. Only six of us organise the series of Ten Talks, one or two more would help immensely. Please see us anytime during the talks or get in touch through the website:

Richard Hincliffe, Programme Secretary.