Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts 2024

The key challenges that we faced:

A significant increase mainly in Victoria Hall costs but in costs in general.

A consequential significant increase in Membership Fees.

The likelihood that higher fees would put off some Members.

A change in Programme Secretary.

Continuing vacancies for Trustees, especially Vice-President and Publicity Manager.

What did we have done:

Negotiated a revised deal for the Victoria Hall.

Increased the amount of promotional work to attract Members.

Run the Taster Evening to both attract Members and make it easier to enrol .

Had a greater proportion of speakers who were local. (with fewer expenses)

Recruited  two new Trustees.

What have we still to do?:

Recruit a Vice-President and Publicity Manager.

Do more to ensure that speakers understand our requirements.

Continue to seek new speakers.

Continue to recruit Members.

The Trustees wish to thank Members for their support. We do need both your feedback and leads to speakers who can add to the interest of our lectures. As the Society’s Financial year is not the same as a Lecture season, the Trustees would note that the 2023/24 Lecture Season will broadly break even.

Tim Leader – General Secretary on behalf of the Trustees – March 2024

Summary of Accounts for the Society Financial year (NB not the same as a Lecture Season)

Change in Membership (Joiners – Leavers = Change)16 – 70 = -5456 – 86 = -30
 Post Covid seasonPost major fees increase
Membership fees£4182£7059
Visitor fees£870£1154
Other income (e.g. bank interest)£7£40
TOTAL INCOME£5059£8253
Lecture costs (Lecturer fees, expenses and hotel)£3468£3753
Victoria Hall costs£554£2034
Publicity (chiefly printing and advertising)£902£1621
Website fees£126£277
End of year£8543£9052
Here is a link to the Actual Report and Accounts if anyone wishes to download or print them.